Hand Warmers with owl design covers- pack of 2

Re-usable hand warmers to keep hands warm and toasty. They are supplied in a gift box.

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Part of the Owl collection these hand warmers have soft and cosy knitted covers featuring the cute owl character. They are great for keeping out the winter chills and keeping hands toasty and warm.

Each knitted cover contains a click gel heat pack. To activate the hand warmer hold the metal disc inside the heat pack between thumb and forefinger and bend it until it clicks. The solution will crystallise and release heat. Massaging the heat pack will maximise the amount of heat released and the hand warmer will stay warm for round 30-35 minutes.

When the heat pack is cold and hard it can be reactivated by simmering it in a pan of boiling water until the crystals have disappeared. Allow the pan of water to cool before removing the heat pack.  It is now ready to use again.