Bamboo Garden Torch- 2 piece

Burns for 4-5 hours approximately before re-filling. For outdoor use only. Stores away neatly between each use.

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Bamboo Garden Torch- 140cm approximately when assembled.
The torch is supplied in two separate sections which are connected to form a 4ft torch. Can be stored away easily after use.
The torch will burn for approximately 4 -5 hours before re-filling the cup with lamp oil or citronella oil. The torches are great for use at outdoor parties and barbecues.
Please Note: only use Paraffin or citronella lamp oil which is sold separately in this torch. For Outdoor use only.
To use fix the torch vertically and firmly in the ground by applying steady pressure Unscrew the cap and fill the canister with paraffin or lamp oil using a funnel.
Prime the wick with fuel and screw cap on firmly. Light Carefully.
Extinguish the flame by blowing, do not touch the hot screw cap and empty container when not in use.   Store the torch away safely making sure the canister is not damaged.