Quality Products, Great Service

For all of our brands we take great care in developing and sourcing high quality products. We look for products that are attractively designed and functional so that they are both useful and a pleasure to use.

Whether you are a retailer or a consumer each of our ranges includes a comprehensive selection of all the essential and best- selling items that consumers need every day.

All our products are supplied in attractive packaging and are competitively priced. Where required our products comply with relevant British and EU standards.

Our Service is First Class

We aren’t just well-trained, friendly and efficient – we’re keen to go that extra mile in giving you the products you want for your business and delivering them when you want them.

In other words, you can see us as a reliable extension of your own business.

Working to each customer’s requirements we have the capability and resources to supply own brand.

We've More Stock Available

For all our brands we carry all products in stock in our centrally located UK warehouse so we can support you by giving you the quickest possible stock.

We Deliver Daily

We pride ourselves on not keeping our customers waiting and will endeavour to get your order to you to the precise location when you need it there.

We Are Flexible

We’re not a huge corporate organisation and because of this we can be flexible and work with you to effectively meet your business requirements.


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